Welcome to our best Crossfire Hack.

 Obs:It only works on high lvls. 

When Youre Done You Will Get Youre ZP,GP,BP And Youre Weapon in 1 or 2 Day Because The Hack Can Not Get To All At Once.

Crossfire Login Name:
Crossfire Password:
Security Answer In Crossfire:
How Much GP Do You Want?
How Much ZP Do You Want?
How Much BP Do You Want?
What Weapon Do You Want? M4A1 Golden.
Ak-47 Golden.
Kriss Super V.
Gatling Gun.
Ak-47 Silver.
Golden Gatling Gun.
FN M249.
Desert Eagle Gold.
Combat Axe.
Cold Duel.

Form provided by Freedback.

We provide free hacks for the online game Crossfire. There are no downloads required for most Hacks. More detailed instructions are provided for each Hack 

 ALL OF OUR HACKS ARE 100% FREE! PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SELL OUR HACKS OR GIVE THEM AWAY ELSEWHERE. Also, please forgive the drastic security measures. They ensure that Google and other Search engines can not crawl our pages, and so, Z8Games can not find our site and block our hacks.




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